Join our community tomorrow for our Monthly #VCliving Beach Clean Up Event from 8:00am-8:30am at Seaward Beach in Ventura. We provide the gloves and bags, you provide the muscle! See you in the morning!

Aprils Funday Monday Quiz was "Which breed of dog has never won the title of "Best in Show" at the annual Westminster dog show? Watch to find out..."

Cherry Wood Team April Funday Monday Results Show

Pet Adoption and Shelter Locations for Ventura County:

(Click on the links below for info)

Ventura County Animal Services
Canine Adoption and Rescue League
Santa Paula Animal Rescue Center

Pricing Right - Have your broker provide you with a thorough Comparative Market Analysis. This should include similar calibre homes in the neighbourhood or similar neighbourhoods. Often times, homes are so custom that it is difficult to find a home with the same square footage or lot size but location and neighbourhoods should be of the similar quality. An experienced broker will know how to compare and contrast and adjust for differences in views or water frontage or boat dock size. Even though some luxury homes may have the same square footage - knowing every detail and custom amenity is critical and knowing how to apply value to those amenities while staying competitive in the marketplace...

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Everyone on our team has decided to start blogging about something that interests them about our area, real estate, recreational activities and the like.....and I knew immediately what the theme would be for me. Restaurants!

I love eating out. I love going out to cafes and restaurants. I know that for me the atmosphere is number one, service is number two and food is number three. All are important to me, but I love my immediate feeling or reaction that I have when I first walk into a place. It sets the tone for the entire meal.

So, that being said, my first restaurant blog will be about Spencer Mckenzies at Thompson in downtown Ventura. My first impression happened years ago, I showed up and ...

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