Spencer McKenzies Restaurant in Ventura

Everyone on our team has decided to start blogging about something that interests them about our area, real estate, recreational activities and the like.....and I knew immediately what the theme would be for me. Restaurants!

I love eating out. I love going out to cafes and restaurants. I know that for me the atmosphere is number one, service is number two and food is number three. All are important to me, but I love my immediate feeling or reaction that I have when I first walk into a place. It sets the tone for the entire meal.

So, that being said, my first restaurant blog will be about Spencer Mckenzies at Thompson in downtown Ventura. My first impression happened years ago, I showed up and didn't know what to do or where to go. I ended up leaving without ordering because I was confused. I did go back and figured out the system....and enjoyed eating there. Since then, they have directional signs for everything and it has a much better flow. They have also remodelled it recently and it has a cool, beachy and friendly vibe. The service is quick and friendly.

And now to the food, my new favourite dish is their Grilled fish and veggies but I would say the biggest draw for Spencer's is their fish tacos, also the clam chowder has a usual spice added and is yummy. But, really, everything on their menu is really good. They are open for lunch and dinner. There is outdoor and inside seating. It is a great casual, local place to hang out, have a great meal, a beer and even enjoy the ocean view!
Written by: Donna Wood, VC Property Shoppe

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